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SnipNotes is your always accessible notebook. Quickly save and use notes from any app with the powerful notification center widget. Dictate new notes directly from your home screen with 3D Touch. Stay organized with categories, filters and search functionality. Access your notes with iCloud synchronization from any iPhone, iPad, Mac and with Apple Watch. Your notes are also available offline.

*** Create and use notes from anywhere ***
SnipNotes lets you create many types of notes: You can enter your own text, save images, dictate notes, save the contents of your clipboard and even your current location. Most features are also available inside the notification center widget, which you can access from anywhere without leaving your current app. You can also create notes on Apple Watch and with the share menu found in most apps.

*** Intelligent note-taking ***
SnipNotes will automatically detect the contents of your notes and offers intelligent actions: If you save a phone number, you can call it directly from notification center and on Apple Watch. You can open addresses in Maps, write emails, open websites, create calendar events, track flight numbers and much more. Actions can be customized and offer integrations with third-party apps.

*** A powerful organizer ***
SnipNotes makes it easy to organize your notes. New notes are saved in the inbox until you assign them to your own categories. Each note can be given a title for quick recognition. You can search through your notes and filter them quickly by creation date or type. A built-in trash keeps track of your deleted notes.

*** Modern and flexible ***
SnipNotes is a highly configurable note-taking app: Enable new actions or disable existing ones. Use Touch ID to protect your notes. Automatically save your current clipboard on launch. There are over a dozen settings available.

SnipNotes is a premium app without any ads or in-app purchases. Synchronization of your notes takes place through your private iCloud account.

For more information please visit SnipNotes online at www.snipnotes.de. SnipNotes is also on Twitter (twitter.com/SnipNotesApp).

Latest release notes

Merry Christmas! This will be my last update for this year, but rest assured that 2018 will bring a lot of exciting new features to SnipNotes! Sign up for the newsletter at snipnotes.de/newsletter to stay current. This update includes the following changes:

* You can now edit notes directly by tapping in one of the fields. No need to press the pencil button first anymore
* Performance has been further improved, especially when the app stores a lot of notes
* Fixed a crash issue that could occur when saving images to the photo library
* Fixed an issue where recognizing notes as text didn't work properly for addresses
* Several graphical glitches have been resolved

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Developer: Felix Lisczyk
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Current version: 2.5.10
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