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“YOUR COMPLETE MAKEUP COLOUR MATCHING TOOL TO SUIT YOU!” DO YOU OFTEN ASK QUESTIONS LIKE? ------------------------------------------------ * “What kind of makeup colours would suit me?” * “What eye shadow colours suit my eye...

Easy Shopping List

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This app is incredibly simple to use with a clean and efficient user interface. The app automatically learns the store layout as you buy items, and will display them in that order the next time you go shopping. The user interface is optimis...


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Flipping through your shoe collection on myShoebox with the elegant ShoeFlow viewer makes it fun, easy, stylish and efficient to keep your shoe closet in order. Keep them sorted by style, build a WISHLIST, build a SWAP list (watch this spac...

Smart Shopping List

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Super easy to use shopping list app with a tons of features for your groceries, parties and holiday shopping. Designed for lists to be reusable and managing your budget. Users love the app! Love it! ***** by Raqamama - Version 6.2.1 - Aug...

Sunglass Couture

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Do you hate trying on pair after pair of sunglasses just to see which ones will look the best on you?? Or are you looking to buy sunglasses as a gift for someone? Its impossible to know which pair will look the best. With Sunglass Couture...