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Weather iOS apps

Rain Gauge

$1.99 Buy Now

RAIN GAUGE Rain Gauge is an app that displays observed precipitation at your current GPS location or any given address currently available for iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). It is an ideal app for weather enthusiasts, farmers, fish...

Sun Angles

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Easily visualize sunrise and sunset locations, today and at the winter or summer solstices. Double-check the magnetic compass. Find north without worrying about magnetic declination. Simple, accurate, clean: 1) Sun rise and set direct...

Instaweather Meteo

$2.99 Buy Now

Instaweather Meteo is most advanced Weather and Radar App for Apple Watch You can check if rain is coming, directly on your wrist. Highly accurate - it's not guess the weather App. Featuring Weather App and Glance with: - weather radar - ...


$3.99 Buy Now

The one and only Tide app that you've been waiting for!. Now with retina display support, works like a charm on both iPad and iPhone. Use TideTrac daily for info on tides, Moon and the Sun. It downloads your tide data and stores them locall...

Texas Tide Times

$1.99 Buy Now

Track the tide times for the entire state of Texas, including Sabine Bank Lighthouse, Texas Point, Mesquite Point, Galveston, Clear Lake, Morgans Point, Trinity Bay, San Luis Pass, Freeport, Port Isabel and South Bay Entrance. In total 30 l...