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5 Incredible Tips to Turn Your App Idea into a Winning Product – FillApps
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5 Incredible Tips to Turn Your App Idea into a Winning Product

When you talk of app nothing matters more than an original idea that is saleable and appealing for people at large or an interest group. Ideas keep coming all the time, when you are at office desk or taking morning stroll out on the park or watching television. There is no ceasing point for those ideas but in their core they are just ideas until you work on them to shape something useful and workable. The power of a unique idea obviously depends on how better you can make it work for practical benefits. Until and unless you can do it all these ideas are just ideas without creating any value for anybody. Ideas may be as much 10 percent of the whole work but remaining 10 percent amounts to tremendous craftsmanship that turn that idea into a great product. Here we offer 5 incredible tips to turn your idea into a winning product.

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Focus on a potent idea

Having too many ideas and brainstorming over all of them won’t lead you anywhere. Focus on a single idea that is potent to address really useful practical needs rather than skimming on one after another idea. Work on the idea that you are most passionate about and the idea that fits your scheme of things best. An idea is worth a million only when you can actually put into practical purpose and so practical considerations are also important for sticking to your idea. Here are some considerations that can help you to zero-in to your idea.

  • Make sure that the idea is strongly grounded on practical purpose and usefulness.
  • Make sure that the idea is truly unique and original.
  • You must be passionate about materializing the idea.
  • Make sure that the idea can be practically conceptualized and put into a saleable product without making huge investment or putting gigantic effort.

Verify your idea with the users

An idea strikes your mind and without verifying its business potential you put all your efforts and investment in it. Does not it sound utterly impractical? Yes, without validating your idea through business research and other practical means you just cannot be sure of its potential. Conducting market research and then hitting a business plan optimized with findings regarding customer demands is the proven way to avoid faulty efforts and investments. How to see the repercussion of the customers concerning your new app idea? It can be done in multiple ways. Here we would show a few ways that help you to validate your idea.

  • Build a prototype of the app incorporating the core idea and little deviation.
  • Share the prototype app with your network people and see the repercussions.
  • Consider the repercussion and comments in some basic categories. Do people feel excited about the app? Do they find it extremely useful? Do they find the app easy enough for their use? Do they think of any other ways that the app can be developed better and offer better ease?

Execute your idea as per feedback

The most important step in turning your idea into a great business is the execution of the idea. How smarter, faster it performs, how smart the app looks and feels and how it makes an irreplaceable impression for the users, execution of the idea going to decide all these aspects. It is better to validate your app by offering it to users with a prototype or beta version that offers hardly any variation from the original idea. Most developers give enough time in making their app perfect but do not find it necessary to receive some user feedback and accordingly focus on all aspects.

  • Follow the feedback in every aspects of development.
  • Make sure that the utilizing the idea is not too cumbersome and complicated.
  • Build an app that majority of customers wanted or advised in their feedbacks.
  • Make sure the development of the app meets the quality aspects without playing huge on budget part.

Address a large number of people

Spare that app idea that won’t find a large audience. You may have refrained yourself from choosing a very niche. But if you have to sustain in the app business and make your app profitable, targeting people at large is the only option. You can begin as a local app and later can think of expanding the app to all other major platforms and markets. But if your app idea really does not worth any unique value you just do not stand a chance. A unique app idea that is addressed to people at large has better chances of success at app stores than app with typically a niche presence. Here we provide some key tips to address people at large.

  • Let your app solve a mass problem and a problem of everyday nature.
  • Be global in your approach of the idea rather than building the app with local aspects in mind.
  • App design, look and feel must be implemented keeping various ethnicities and types of people in mind.
  • All in-app features and functionalities should be felt intimate and easy to people at large.

Make the app a ‘Must-Have’ one

Most successful apps have something that make them irreplaceable and ‘must-have’ one for majority of users. There are apps that can be fairly described as nice-to-have and there are apps that are found as must-have by their users. While the first category is about apps that are good but not compelling ones, second group of apps may still be lacking in look and feel but as for their usefulness they became must-have ones. When your idea gives birth to a must-have app, your job is done for.

  • Consider whether your idea is really useful and address a unique user need.
  • Consider whether your app facilitate solving a problem in the most practical way.
  • Make sure your app is truly high performing and glitch free.

A breakthrough idea often comes to our mind when we are little prepared for it. But once it comes it should be nurtured and worked on to ensure a success that wins millions of hearts. Ideas are worth the value only when it wins people and become irresistible for buyers.

Ketan Parmar is a technical content writer and is working for a iPhone App Development Company– Yudiz Solutions. He gives the best suggestion for those who are seeking forward a skilled iOS App Developer.


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