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I.D. Photo Maker is a simple way for creating profession I.D. photo meeting the photo specifications. Saving the time and trouble to find a professional photographer for your specific photo needs. There is no wait time or additional charge for getting the output image. It will do exactly the one thing you expect it to do, which is photo in and I.D. photo out.

Photo can be imported from camera, the photo library, or the clipboard. This brings additional flexibility for those who worry about giving away access to the photo library. Simply copy the photo to the clipboard and it will show up automatically after clicking the camera button on the main screen. Using the image scroller for importing photo is fast and easy. The image scroller displays thumbnail of the most recent images from the clipboard and the photo library.

You have the option to decide how many photos you want to display on the final image. The layout is automatically generated base on the selected paper size and the number of photo on a page.

If the photo is intended for upload online, set the slider in the preview window to all the way to the left to “photo by itself” and you can specify the dimension of the output image. The compression option give you an extra control to the file size of the output image.(Paid Version)

Exporting photo is just as easy. The output image can be saved to the photo library, copied to the clipboard, sent as message or email, or shared in other applications.

Within minutes, you will turn a regular photo into an I.D. photo that is ready for print or upload.

The I.D. Photo Maker comes with preloaded passport / visa photo outlines and requirements for the following countries:
Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Taiwan, U.K., U.S.

Feature set:
• Come with more than 18 popular I.D. types from more than 15 countries to allow you to easily and quickly generate the I.D. photo you need.
• Create customizable photo outline to work with any I.D. type that is not in the preloaded list.
• Provide detailed photo requirements for each I.D. type.
• Define custom paper size for print out.
• Automatically generate optimum photo layout based on paper size.
• Customizable output image dimension in pixel.
• Import photo from clipboard, photo gallery, or camera.
• Compression of image to achieve a target file size. (Paid Version)
• Higher resolution on output image as compare to the free version. (Paid Version)
• Free of advertisement. (Paid Version)
• Fine Photo Adjustments. (NEW)

The free version of I.D. Photo Maker is also available on the App Store.

Latest release notes

New Feature:
- Fine Photo Adjustments (Vertical/ Horizontal).

Every update of our app includes improvements for speed and reliability.
Developer: Cary Leung
Average rating: 3 uit 5
Current version: 1.3
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  • I.D. Photo Maker app
  • I.D. Photo Maker app
  • I.D. Photo Maker app
  • I.D. Photo Maker app
  • I.D. Photo Maker app