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Thread Tracker HD 117 is a simple application designed to help you keep track of your DMC Art 117 Threads, featuring all 472 colours in the Article 117 range,including the new variegated range. The application allows you to set 'ownership status' of 'Don't own, Do own, On Bobbin and Need to Buy' per thread. Each thread is presented sorted by Code, with the ability to view a detail page which tells you the number, the colour name, a sample of the colour, view and modify the 'ownership status' and view and adjust the amount you own/need to buy. 4 switches down the bottom of the application allow you to easily filter out/in based upon 'ownership status', allowing you to view only the ones you need to buy, or own easily. A search feature allows you to find threads by their Code.

A Shopping list can be generated by setting the 'ownership status' to 'Need to Buy' on the threads you need. Then press the 'Don;t', 'Do', 'Bobbin' switches so they are'OFF', leaving you with just the 'Need to buy'.

Latest release notes

iOS 7 support
Added 417 variegated range
Added the 16 new 117 colours
Added the preview colours to the scrollview
Added short cut buttons for I Own and Shopping List
Removed horrible texture.
Added Bluetooth sharing so you can send threads to/from other iPads/iPhone edition.
Added thread counter
Developer: Touch Screen Craft
Average rating: 4 uit 5
Current version: 1.1
price: $0.99