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High-end iPhone/iPad accessories by XVIDA that’ll impress you instantly – FillApps
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High-end iPhone/iPad accessories by XVIDA that’ll impress you instantly

Proudly standing as a leading European product development and manufacturing company since 2012, XVIDA has been engaged in developing versatile accessories for a wide range of iPhones and iPads. Having launched its first product i.e. Boomerang on Kickstarter in the year 2012, XVIDA has been working towards expanding its line of accessories for a wide spectrum of mobile gadgets. If you’re new to the world of XVIDA smartphone accessories, then you’ve landed on the right post. Here, I’ve covered details about some of the finest iPhone/iPad accessories that have been manufactured by XVIDA and work together to keep your smartphones secured and protected just about everywhere you take them.


What’s the all-new XVIDA System?

XVIDA System is a unique collection of interchangeable magnetic accessories that work in collaboration with each other to keep your mobile gadgets safe from careless usage. You can choose from a range of accessories that can work wonders for mounting your mobile device securely anywhere. The innovative design and quality of manufacturing portrayed by XVIDA has been fabulous and highly befitting for different types of customers. The best part of XVIDA products is that they are recyclable and biodegradable. With a keen eye on ascertaining the longevity of products, XVIDA has designed the XVIDA system that allows you to simply update the already installed XVIDA accessory, while being able to continue using all existing stands and mounts.

The all-new improved Boomerang for iPad Air/iPad Air 2

Unlike the conventional XVIDA Boomerang, the tool-kit now comes equipped with a small converter that makes it compatible with the all-new iPad Air 2. Similar to the original Boomerang, new XVIDA model comes with an X-shaped device that can be utilized for propping the iPad at an inclination of 22 degree, 45 degree or 66 degree.

StickyCase for iPhone 5/5S

StickyCase is a must-buy for every iPhone 5/5S owner who wants to bring his/her device into the XVIDA ecosystem. Now, available for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, StickyCase can be ordered rightaway for delivery next month. This is a matte black/white case that comes with a black colored covered metal plate that lets it stick to any type of magnetic mounts. All you need to do is simply encase your iPhone against the magnet and it will stick to it securely.

XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount

The XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount is an accessory that securely attaches to the car air vent, placing your iPad in an ideal position that allows you to view the maps app whilst driving.A Boomerang case is the basis of the XVIDA mounting system, allowing you to mount your iPad to any of the available XVIDA mounting accessories. If you like using your large-screen sized iPad during driving then XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount is perfect for you. Some of the finest features of XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount include: resistance to shock damage and road vibration, sturdy, secure, attaches magnetically, best suited for landscape mode and many more. So, with the best quality XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount, you can enjoy using your iPad even while driving towards your destination. This XVIDA product is compatible with iPad2, iPad3, iPad4 and iPad 4th Generation.

XVIDA Suction Mount

XVIDA Suction Mount also requires a Boomerang case for mounting your iPad to a clean and non-porous surface within your car. You can use XVIDA Suction Mount to mount your iPad in the landscape or portrait mode, followed by adjusting it for a flawless viewing angle. This XVIDA product is perfect for anyone who wants to attach his/her iPad to glass or any other non-porous surfaces such as car windscreen etc. Some of the exciting features included within XVIDA Suction Mount are: optimal viewing angles, secure, sturdy, viewable in portrait or landscape mode, attaches magnetically etc. Just like XVIDA Car Air Vent Mount, XVIDA Suction Mount is also compatible with iPad 2, iPad3, iPad4 and iPad 4th Generation.


XVIDA has put a positive impact on the lives of iPhone/iPad users who love to keep their devices safe from the harsh weather conditions, dust and dirt. If you too are concerned about the safety of your Apple device then purchasing a high-quality accessory from XVIDA is something that will benefit you to the optimum.

Author Bio:

Rick Brown is a iOS application developer for Mobiers Ltd – a leading iPhone application development company. You can contact him for best advices, in order to avail programmer for premium quality services.


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