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iOS jailbreaking and why InfoWorld is wrong about it – FillApps
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iOS jailbreaking and why InfoWorld is wrong about it

InfoWorld recently published an article by Galen Gruman about iOS jailbreaking, where the writer says that iOS jailbreakers – who according to him, “deserve” viruses and malware are shifting to Android based devices. He bases his opinion on the fact that as Android offers more customization options and where malware thrives, iOS users wanting greater freedom just switch teams and get malware and a highly customizable OS to begin with.

The articles gives incorrect premises from start to finish needing a long essay to correct it so let’s point out the most troubling bits.


The article says that there are no legitimate jailbreaks for iOS 7.1 the OS most iOS devices now operate on. This is incorrect as a team of Chinese hackers recently released a jailbreak tool for iOS 7.1, something thought of as well impossible. The tool named Pangu, is updated regularly and now has an iOS 7.1.2 patch. In five minutes you can hack and free your I’device and install Cydia, the jailbreaker’s app store. Many people have jailbroken iPhones using Pangu, and these it performed well.

Given that Pangu has performed well for many users the writers claim that that there are no current jailbreaks available for the iOS is not correct.

The article further states that Jailbreaking an iPhone or iPad is dangerous as lots of malware posing as legitimate jailbreak tools are available.

While there may be many sites posing as jailbreaking tools still jailbreaking the iOS device is inherently not dangerous.

If a user is skeptical about emails where wealthy African princes are offering a deal; or if looking up a prescription drug online, you are wary of overseas “pharmacies” offering expensive drugs for pennies? Then jailbreaking will not open you any overly dangerous issues!

iOS jailbreak scams like any other online scam are a reality and a little research helps spot the fakes and safe software tools sites. So if you find iOS-FREE-JAILBREAK-XXX-BEST-DOWNLOAD (dot) com showing you need to leave as soon as possible. On the other hand if you find Redmond Pie, or the official Pangu website, put your mind at ease. The claim that even trying jailbreaking will end up in tears is just fear mongering.

And as for the theory that iOS jailbreaking is on the wane as users who enjoy it are moving to Android OS is a ‘NO,’ as users of each system expect different actions from each!

Today iOS offers greater freedom to users than before. Each new review gives users a little more freedom thus lessening user desire to jailbreak. With iOS 8 allowing customized keyboards, battery usage breakdowns, and Quick Reply for messaging, users are changing platforms easily. Apple just is taking the lead in eliminating their desire to jailbreak to begin with.

So those who say the iOS and jailbreak are passé, should spend some more time jailbreaking iOS devices. Discover the names and faces, and find out why people want to free their devices by jailbreaking in the first place. They will find that the jailbreak world is not as scary place as they would have us believe after all.



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